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เคมีจากชีวภาพ_Sweetwater Energy sings second deal to supply cellulosic biomass sugar to Windor for cellulosic ethanol production

เคมีจากชีวภาพ_Sweetwater Energy sings second deal  to supply cellulosic biomass sugar to Windor  for cellulosic ethanol production

16 January 2013


Sweetwater Energy, Inc. (Sweetwater) ,

a Rochester New York-based cellulosic sugar producer ,

announced a 15-year agreement with


A Corolado-based Front Range Energy,

to generate cellulosic ethanol at 

Front Range's corn ethanol facility.

The agreement has a total potential

value in excess of US $ 100 million and

requires a minimum outlay by Front Range

while stabilizing the company's feedstock costs


Sweetwater will use

its patented, decentralized process to convert

locally availalbe cellulosic, non-food biomass,

such as crop residues, energy crops and woody biomass

into highly fermentable sugar,

which Front Range will ferment into ethanol.


- willplace one of its cellulosic facilities

  near the Front Range site and

- will deliver enough refined monomeric sugar

  for Front Range to produce up to

  3.6 million gallons of ethanol per year

  during the initial phase of the relationship

The promising economics affored by

Sweetwater's cellulosic sugar and 

the patented hub-and-spoke distributed model

will ultimately determine the pace and volume 

which Front Range's corn ethanol facility will

migrate to Sweetwater's cellulosic feedstock.

Sweetwater Energy has signed 2 agreements with

1. Ace Ethanol, two weeks agos and

2. Windsor, todays


About Sweetwater Energy

- Sweetwater uses a unique technology to produce

   low-cost sugars fron non-food plant materials including

  * waste materials such as

     crop residues, wood thinning, or

  * non-food, purpose-grown crops such as

     energy sorghums.

- This highly fermentable sugar solution is sold to refineries,

   which use it to produce

   * biofuels,

   * biochemicals and

   * bioplastics

- Sweetwater's process is a major breakthrough 

   for the future of cellulosic ethanol.


- Just one month agos, Sweetwater announced that

   the United States Patent and Trademark Office had issued

   US patent to Sweetwater for

   the manufacture and deployment of

   distributed pretreatment units designed for 

   the extraction of sugars from any cellulosic feedstock

   for the production of ethanol

-  The patent allow Sweetwater to deploy its

   cellulosic sugar conversion facilities in a 

   " Hub-and-Spoke " fashion,

   providing broad scale diversity for 

   cellullosic ethanol production that 

   takes full advantages of 

   economics and capacity constraints surroundng 

   cellulosic biomass.

- The patent protects the first technology to support

   a viable economic model for scaling to conversion of

   cellulosic biomass into highly fermentable sugar and

   subsequently ethanol.

- It will mean a great deal to the U.S. corn ethanol industry

   and to the profitable future of biofuel prouduction worldwide.



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